Invasion of the Bodyshoppers – Part I

They are everywhere.




You can tell them – they are zombies who fill out template laden strategies, plans, and test scripts. They treat testing primarily as a repetitive activity. They usually conform to some sort of standard and most have a certificate to the show to the overseers. It is an invasion – the parasites have overtaken the hosts of once thinking, engaging testers and transform them into…




Beware projects and test teams. Beware of the companies that farm out zombies and call them testers. They have squeezed out of all that which was once good. While they appear as testers, they are devoid of all creativity and thinking. The bodyshoppers are infiltrating the market.


However, there is hope! There is a chance!


There are pockets of testers who are engage and are engaging for I have met them. And it is in these pockets that good work is being done for the craft. They battle for recognition and fight back against those body shop companies who believe that testing is nothing more than picking a technique, applying a standard, using only documents to test against, follow a process and throwing a innumerable company of test shoppers against a project. These companies sell their services to wind in the unwary and uninitiated and talk as if they know testing.

Beware they don’t.

They are selling a commodity, a zombie tester who may do average work, count meaningless metrics, complete mindless reports and documents and declare mission accomplished at the end of the project. They are everywhere.


To those testers who realise they are being fooled. To those managers who see that they are being conned – rise up, strike back and seek out the living amongst the dead. Seek out and engage thinking testers who look outside of the box. Find the pockets of resistance and we shall overcome this invasion.

(An example of fighting back and doing great work can be found here )

[Coming soon – Part II – How to overcome the Invasion of the Bodyshoppers]

Author: bjosman

Principal Consultant at OsmanIT

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