KWST#2 leadership conference is back!

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The second KWST or Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing  with be held on the 15th and 16th of June 2012, Wellington, New Zealand. KWST is modelled on the LAWST style peer conferences and is the only test leadership summit in New Zealand. There are a number of things that make this conference unique:-

  • It is an invite only conference – we are looking for industry thought leaders and hence why you will find few, if any, invites from body shop organisations. While they may have some talented testers, these companies tend to pay lip service to thought leadership
  • James Bach will again be back as content owner and helping grow the core of professional test leadership in New Zealand
  • Some of the brightest, insightful test thinkers down under will be there
  • Unlike any other conference held here, this is a CONFERence where ALL participants participate!
  • The theme is Ethical challenges faced by testers which is relevant considering the overuse of body shop testing companies and certification within the testing industry

The twitter hash tag will be KWST2 and we will be tweeting all of the great thoughts and ideas that will flow from this conference. See and for details of last years event.



Author: bjosman

Principal Consultant at OsmanIT

9 thoughts on “KWST#2 leadership conference is back!”

  1. G’day Geoff,

    There are 20 invitees to this conference. Most will come from last year but for those who can not make it, we will invite other test leaders, I will add your name to the list 🙂

      1. Trying buddy, trying hard. :0)
        Pushed JB to hang out here a little longer after his RST course, but he’s just too busy this time. Has some sort of CONFERence thing in NZ that he has to hurry too. ;0P

  2. Sounds great Brian (I’m free on those days too, by the way!). Hopefully we can get an Aussie version up and running sometime soon.

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