Career advice from New Zealand

Two years ago I created Software Testers New Zealand (google group). It has taken a little while but there have been some fantastic discussions especially in recent months.

Yesterday a member of the group *ranted* (his words) about an *approved* job add that was posted.

It has spawned an interesting discussion on what it takes for a tester to get a foot in the door and has morphed into learning about the industry/certification.

I consider the discussions pure gold – check it out, comment if you wish – i think it would be helpful to hear about other testers thoughts/ideas/experiences from around the world!

Author: bjosman

Principal Consultant at OsmanIT

2 thoughts on “Career advice from New Zealand”

  1. /me shuffles his feet.

    Sorry about that. There wasn’t really a way to tell if a job ad had approval or not, from the original post. In good news, people are talking on the boards again, which I consider to be a Very Good Thing. I haven’t seen a conversation of this length take place in quite some time.

    Not to self: Complain more.

    1. TOTALLY agree to the discussion being a very good thing! Thank you for *prompting* the discussion (and your feedback)!

      This helps us all to learn, discuss, debate in a *friendly* way 🙂

      Thank you JDW

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