My name is Brian and i have been involved in the Software Testing scene (Wellington, New Zealand) for over 13 years now. I consider myself aligned to the context driven school of testing and view testing as a sapient approach as opposed to following something by rote.

I have worked as a test manager, consultant and a trainer and enjoyed teaching the craft to aspiring testers.

I have created www.osmanit.com – and we specialise in training software testers to become better, thinking individuals. Or in other words, improving the testers value-add.

I have spoken ANZTB 2010 conference on session based test management, at STANZ 2009 on the same topic and STANZ 2010 as a keynote on lessons learnt from basketball being applicable to software testing.  I also spoke at StarWest 2012 on Using agile Techniques to manage testing – even on non agile projects. I have also created the google group software testers New Zealand and founded KWST (Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing) in 2011 with James Bach.

I enjoy speaking and look forward to presenting at more conferences.


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