Good Exploratory Testing Practices webinar

Today (14th February 2011 @ 12oo hours – 12pm – New Zealand time) I will be presenting a webinar on Exploratory Testing practises that I use to help put guidiance around my testing.

To register for the webinar click here.

Also check here to see how New Zealand time compares with the time in your part of the world.

Look forward to having you tune in!

Author: bjosman

Principal Consultant at OsmanIT

2 thoughts on “Good Exploratory Testing Practices webinar”

  1. Hi Brian, just wanted to say you are the most interesting voice in testing I’ve listened to for quite a few years. Helps keep my sanity whilst stuck in corporate testing hell, where every suggestion I raise is met with cold stares and either, ‘we don’t do that’ or ‘that’s not our problem’. Keep up the good work

    1. Hi Henrik,

      Thank you for your comment. I have been in corporate hell myself and it can be a challenge! Keep fighting and tuning into the *voices* that make a difference 🙂

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